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The Red Wagon Difference 

 Traditional before and after school programs offer a safe place for children to hang out until school starts or parents arrive. We believe this is a missed opportunity and the genesis of Red Wagon’s unique approach to before and after school care.

We believe children learn through discovery. Our propreitary curriculm encourages imagination through structured play and activities, all uniquely designed to inspire creativity, exploration and positivity.

Our program focuses on three areas that build life skills and foundational leanring:  the Chef’s Club, activites that introduce basic culinary skills;  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), challenging play that sparks critical thinking; and the Art Studio, where we literally unleash creativity.

All of our programs – before school only, after only, before and after or full day camps – feature the Discovery Experience.  


What Our Families are Saying

We have so many positive points to share about Red Wagon, it is hard to know where to begin. Red Wagon is a top notch program, be it for before/after school care, school breaks or summer camp, or facilitated virtual learning in these unusual times. Red Wagon is a community, where the teachers truly know and care about the children. We also love the extracurricular programs such as STEM and Chef’s Club. As working parents, we do not know how we would manage without the Red Wagon team! - Marisa & Brian 

Great and safe environment for children to learn, engage, and have fun!!! Thanks Red Wagon for helping us transition to the area. - Gabriel S. 

We watched the Red Wagon kids at the playground and liked how Leyla looked after the kids! She was/is so good with all of them! Now, we’re so excited...our son will be joining the Red Wagon. - Debbie P.

Our kids LOVE Red Wagon - and we do too! Fantastic teachers and fantastic environment for before and after-school care with an emphasis on fun learning. Our kids get upset if we try to pick them up too early!  - Kelly K. 

My daughter has been really happy at Red Wagon. They are always kind, helpful and responsive. They way they've changed their business model to support parents and kids throughout COVID has been amazing! - Christina B. 

My son loves this place for all the varied, creative and engaging activities they offer! Activities range the full gamut from building to cooking to outdoor play. - Debbie P