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Program Tailored by Grade 

Our programs are offered in two neighboring facilities, Red Wagon 1 and 2.  The overall curriculum is the same but each Learning Center offers grade-appropriate experiences, with Red Wagon 1 tailoring its program to lower elementary, and Red Wagon 2, upper.

Red Wagon 1

  • Tailored for grades k-2
  • Program includes STEM, art and cooking projects geared towards lower elementary.
  • Creative play is also design for lower elementary students. Our play centers allow students to expand their imagination and social skills, whether they are building a fort out of straw builders, creating a menu, and serving it up at “The Red Wagon Café” or creating a miniature dinosaur park.

Red Wagon 2

  • Tailored for grades 3-6
  • Program includes STEM, art and cooking projects geared towards upper elementary.
  • Lego Education Curriculum incorporates all aspects of STEM and allows students to bring their creations to life through the coding software. This hands-on STEM experience is an engaging opportunity for students to grow their knowledge.
  • Woodworking (New in 2021) students will learn basic woodworking skills at our custom-made woodworking center. Students can create small projects such as birdhouses, frames, boxes and more.


Before, After, Before & After School 

eWe have designed our programs to ensure all children can enjoy the Red Wagon curriculum.  Activities are rotated through the before and after school blocks to ensure children enrolled in one or the other or both are able to enjoy all aspects of the Red Wagon Curriculum.  For example, a culinary activity may be in the morning one week and in the afternoon the next.

Before School. Children arrive any time after opening. Planned activities begin shortly after opening and conclude with enough time to get ready for school departure. Children are driven to school on The Red Wagon Bus.

After School. Children are picked up after school and transported to The Red Wagon Learning Center via the Red Wagon bus. Time is allotted for children to settle in before activities begin. Children are picked up any time before Center closing.

Before and After.  Children enjoy both the before and after school programs. Children are dropped off in the morning and picked up in the evening. Children ride the Red Wagon Bus to school and are picked by the Bus after school.

All Day Camps 

When schools are closed, Red Wagon is open. During school breaks and holidays, Red Wagon offers a full-day program for school age children. 

Summertime is fun time, but that doesn’t mean that learning ends! Red Wagon offers all day camps throughout the summer months while schools are closed. Each camp has a theme and activities are based on the Red Wagon curriculum areas of STEM, Art and Culinary. A few of our past themes include:   


  • Incredible Inventions
  • Music 
  • Stars & Stripes 
  • Endangered Animals 
  • Olympics 
  • Earth Week
  • Under the Sea 
  • Dino Week 
  • Outer Space
  • Around the World
  • Forest Explores